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March 08, 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

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Celebrating Phenomenal Women On the Frontlines of History and Social Justice in Canada

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day with all women across Canada, particularly those who have been on the frontlines of history and movements to advance the rights of racialized Canadians.

“Women in Canada have been the driving force behind some of the greatest achievements in social justice and human rights,” said Kimberly Bennett, CRRF Communications Director.  “The positive advances made in the realm of race relations in Canada would not exist if it weren’t for the tenacity and ingenuity of Canadian women.”

From the healthcare workers working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic to thought leaders, to businesswomen, to educators and the thousands of nameless, faceless women of colour who have dedicated their life’s work to provide justice and equity for all Canadians, the country owes women a debt of profound gratitude.

Although Canadian women of colour have been at the forefront of the positive evolution of Canadian society, there still remains a long way to go for them to enjoy the fruits of a truly equitable society. 

“Canada has made many strides in including women in all facets of everyday life and civic engagement,” explained Ms. Bennett.  “Nevertheless, there are still glaring gaps where civil society, the private sector, and government, will have to redouble efforts to ensure that Canadian communities are as diverse and inclusive as they profess to be.”

To commemorate this International Women’s Day, CRRF is featuring eight inspirational quotes from some Canadian social and anti-racism activists who have valiantly fought, and continue to fight for the rights of people within their communities, as well as to improve the lives of all people across the country.   Click on the names below to view their quotes:

Rosemary Brown  Mary Two-Axe Earley  Timaj Garad

Jean B. Lumb

Pamela Palmater Léa Roback  Hide Hyoto Shimizu 

 Sunera Thobani 



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