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May 06, 2022

CRRF welcomes its newest team members!

We welcome Ohana Oliveira, our new Director of Programs and Outreach and Fatma Hassan, our new Director of Public Policy!

Ohana Oliveira, Director of Programs and Outreach

Ohana is passionate about organizing people around the issues that matter most, and specifically in communities that have been historically underserved. Ohana has successfully developed programs and built individual and community capacity.  Before joining the CRRF, Ohana was Chief of Staff to a Member of Provincial Parliament in a Toronto Riding. For several years, Ohana worked on a number of campaigns at many levels of government, amplifying issues and causes, through strategic outreach, community capacity building and programming. She has seen firsthand how individual, institutional, and systemic barriers affect how people engage with the government services. Through this work, she has a renewed understanding of the immense work still needed to eliminate racism and hate in all its forms.  She is committed to work centred on equity and justice that will drive change.

Ohana is excited about joining CRRF! She is especially looking forward to supporting the Programs and Outreach team in all the critical work that lies ahead of us in this journey.

Fatma Hassan, Director of Public Policy!

Fatma is a dedicated advocate of social impact with a focus on racialized immigrants and minority entrepreneurs. Her interest areas led to her earning an MA in Immigration and Settlement Studies and shaped a professional career in immigration policy; developing programming to address credential recognition and employment integration of newcomers; and as a business development leader advocating for the inclusion of minority entrepreneurs in corporate Canada. Fatma has held policy roles with the federal and provincial government and in leadership roles at non-profits advancing supplier diversity in Canada and creating meaningful employment pathways and opportunities for racialized people, newcomer immigrants and internationally trained individuals.

In 2021, Fatma re-joined the Public Service as a Policy Analyst with the Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat (ARSEC)  leading its work on review and input on Memoranda to Cabinet; Social Procurement policy and program development for Black Entrepreneurs; and the Secretariat’s Anti-Racism Framework tool. Fatma’s accomplishments and skillset in public policy will help CRRF take meaningful action on our public policy goals.

Fatma is looking forward to joining the CRRF family and excited about the opportunity to make meaningful change.

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