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October 28, 2022

Survey of Needs and Consultations for Youth Leaders of Anti-Racism Work

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is a facilitator of knowledge and discussion on combatting racial discrimination in Canada. A key part of this work is hearing from young people about their anti-racism efforts. Throughout the country, youth are leading initiatives that tackle racism in their communities. They’re navigating challenges, innovating solutions, and reflecting lived experience into their work. The CRRF wants to support youth to maximize the potential of their anti-racism work by reducing barriers to success and providing capacity building opportunities. 

The CRRF is excited to partner with youth to learn about the best ways to support them as they lead their own initiatives. We’ve launched a Survey of Needs for Youth Leaders of Anti-Racism Work.

Responses from this 5-minute survey will help us create programming (workshops, events, etc.) that directly addresses the needs of youth fighting racism in Canada.

Fill out the survey here.

Alongside the survey, the CRRF is hosting a consultation series to dive deeper into the root causes and systemic barriers that exist for youth doing this work. 

We’re asking youth leaders to help us navigate the challenges they face by participating in a consultation in their region. All participants of the consultation will be compensated with an honorarium. The consultations will occur in the month of November and will be 1.5 hours in length. 

If you’re a youth leader of an anti-racism organization, submit an expression of interest to join our consultations here.

If you have questions about the survey or expressions of interest, please email Uswah at uahsan@crrf-fcrr.ca

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