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July 24, 2023

The CRRF welcomes David Gomez!

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is pleased to welcome David Gomez, CRRF’s new Events Manager.

With a wealth of leadership experience spanning several years in large-scale event management and production, David is a passionate curator driven by the desire to create inclusive spaces that reflect the diversity of marginalized communities. His commitment to fostering equity and solidarity is backed by his educational background in Critical Equity & Solidarity Studies, ensuring that these principles remain at the forefront of his planning process.

Throughout his career, David has collaborated with a wide range of clients, taking charge of both the creative and logistical aspects of events. Notable organizations such as Pride Toronto, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), AIDS Committee of Toronto: AIDS Walk (ACT), Cabbagetown Festival, and Caribana have entrusted David with their event visions. His expertise lies in seamlessly transforming these visions into reality, leaving an indelible impression on attendees.

From intimate gatherings to grand productions, David is renowned for his ability to craft extraordinary experiences. His unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and meticulous attention to detail enables him to create events that resonate long after the final curtain call. By merging artistic vision with logistical precision, David ensures that every event he touches becomes a transformative and unforgettable experience.

Beyond his impressive portfolio, David’s approach is deeply rooted in fostering inclusivity/access and representation. He consistently seeks opportunities to uplift underrepresented voices, champion diversity, and create spaces that embrace everyone. By infusing events with authenticity and thoughtfulness, David ensures that each attendee feels seen, heard, and valued. David is the go-to professional for turning visions into reality and crafting experiences that leave a long lasting impression.

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