September 16, 2022

Full report now available: Victim Support Services in Canada

Victims of hate in Canada need our support. This was the conclusion of an interim report released this summer assessing service levels available to victims of hate.

The full findings of the research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, on behalf of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF), is now available.

 “Reimagining a path to support all Canadians: A review of services for victims of hate in Canada” shows that many victims have nowhere to turn and supports are limited or unavailable.

The full report outlines current gaps in our communities and includes a jurisdictional review of leading practices around the world.

The research demonstrates that Canada’s current approach is decentralized and often results in service providers working in silos. Victims are left navigating a slew of services and that can create challenges, resulting in retraumatization. 

The report examines strategies in the European Union, the United States and other jurisdictions, to see where Canada can improve.

The CRRF recommends the federal government invests $44 million dollars towards a variety of solutions that would have a direct impact on improving support for victims of hate.

Between 2019-2021, police-reported hate crimes jumped 72%. Nearly 80% of victims say they do not report.

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