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  • A group of people are sitting down in a room and listening to a panel discussion

    CRRF Anti-Racism Workshops

    It’s commonly said that it isn’t enough to be against racism; one must actively work against this insidious phenomenon. We should all be anti-racists to ensure that all people in Canada feel safe, engaged, and respected. CRRF’s work in racial equity has equipped our teams with knowledge and educational resources to share with those interested in bringing anti-racism practices into their workplaces and communities.

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  • Learning about Racism – Online Program

    The CRRF has developed an exclusive, free on-line program that has brought together a “faculty” of subject matter experts to create a curriculum and a set of reading materials. Learners, drawn from multiple sectors, will read provided material and participate in courses led by faculty members who are experts in the topic of discussion.

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  • Lilian Ma, former Executive Director of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. Ma started the "Behind Racism" project because she was interested in understanding racism from a scientific perspective. Photo: Ontario Science Centre

    Behind Racism: Challenging the Way We Think

    The exhibition and its accompanying programmes and educational activities will provide new information coming from researchers working on the latest psychological and neurological science discoveries into how our brains actually process our responses to the people and the communities around us. With the support of an Advisory Panel of scientific experts from leading research facilities, this exhibition will engage all members of the Canadian public with the scientific investigations into the nature of human bias, including the most recent research into both explicit and implicit acts of prejudice.

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