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August 14, 2021

Community Mobilization Fund


* The application deadline for the CRRF Community Mobilization Fund has now passed. We thank all applicants for their proposals.

Do you have a project focused on anti-Black, anti-Asian or anti-Indigenous racism? Are you part of a grassroots organization or local not-for-profit group that advocates for racialized communities? Or are you part of a coalition that is advocating for change? Bringing people together or running a campaign to raise awareness of racism? We want to hear from YOU.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) is excited to announce the CRRF COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION FUND (CMF), a fund program providing grants from $5,000-$20,000 for anti-racism projects across the country.

The timeliness of this fund is in alignment with CRRF’s Strategic Plan in supporting local efforts to combat racism, and working with community members to find new and innovative ways. The killing of George Floyd, once again, highlighted the urgency for society to do something. In response, the CRRF received $300,000 in donations from various organizations, individuals and stakeholders. Our major sponsor for this grant, is Sun Life who contributed $60,000 to ensure we support as many projects as we could.

We want to put all the money we received from our communities back to fueling anti-racism efforts in the community.

In return, the CRRF wishes to allocate this investment towards charities and non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations as they take action on anti-racism initiatives.

The CRRF is committed to developing and aligning initiatives that focus on anti-Black, anti-Asian and anti-Indigenous racism efforts. Most of our funding will be directed towards initiatives that focus on our top three program objectives; however, we will also have a smaller pool of funds available for projects that look at systemic racism as a whole.

This contribution is essential towards fulfilling our mandate of supporting organizations who advocate for the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society.

The CRRF is focused on the support and development of new approaches towards tackling racism. We look forward to receiving proposals by organizations that are active and innovative in their approach. The goal of the CRRF Community Mobilization Fund is to support the focused and relevant work of organizations working in their direct communities. It is with this partnership that allows us to eliminate racism in Canadian society.

Click here for complete details, including program objectives, who can apply, timeline, the evaluation criteria and the application form.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get support for your anti-racism projects and apply today!

Questions about the Community Mobilization Fund can be directed to s.pun@crrf-fcrr.ca 

 Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to apply for the CRRFs Community Mobilization Fund CMF If your project is focused on anti Black anti Racism or anti Indigenous racism efforts make sure you submit a proposal before Ja 2

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