Mission, Vision & Strategy


To create systemic solutions and advance public policy on anti-racism through partnership engagement, creating awareness and mobilization.


A Canada free of systemic racism and hate.

Our Guiding Principles

The CRRF is committed to facilitating learning and the development, sharing and application of knowledge and expertise that will contribute to achieving the elimination of racism and all forms of racial discrimination in Canadian society. Earning and maintaining public trust, through our words and actions, is vital to the CRRF and its partners.

Strategic Priorities

Catalyst for Policy Change

Desired Outcome
To accelerate the pace of meaningful change and to be a trusted voice and reference on racism and discriminatory policies, institutions and systems.

The CRRF is recognized for its expertise on issues of racial bias and discrimination and for its considered policy input, through which it acts as a catalyst for change.

1.1 Removing obstacles and building bridges so that impacted communities are meaningfully reflected in government decision-making.
1.2 Generating thoughtful, applicable and implementable policy options in Canada while leveraging our position as a Crown corporation.
1.3 Focusing specific attention on critical issues with broad implications such as hate crimes, online hate and systemic discrimination in policing and the justice system.

Community Capacity and Knowledge Mobilization

Desired Outcome
To support organizations to combat racism, foster dialogue and build a more inclusive and anti-racist society.

CRRF is a trusted partner that builds community capacity through provision of much-needed support to community groups to further their own work on anti-racism.

2.1 Strengthening the capacity of racialized communities, religious minority groups and Indigenous people to carry out their own work to combat racism.
2.2 Mobilizing objective, independent and original research and analysis that is grounded in the lived experiences of the affected communities.
2.3 Creating opportunities for meaningful dialogue, learning and sharing with the broader public.

Modern and Effective Organization

Desired Outcome
To have long-term, sustainable capacity that allows the CRRF to continue to be a strong partner in driving meaningful change.

The CRRF is a well-governed, financially sound organization that supports staff wellness and achieves sustainable results over the long term.

3.1 Growing the endowment and leveraging private-sector support through partnerships and fundraising.
3.2 Strengthening our networks within governments and institutions.
3.3 Securing permanent government funding and building a strong and sustainable organization.
3.4 Growing our regional and digital presence.

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