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January 14, 2022

2021 Community Mobilization Fund Recipients

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

The COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION FUND (CMF) is a $300,000 one-time investment from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation to support charities and non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations as they manage and take action on anti-racism initiatives.

This grant was supported with a generous donation of $60,000 by Sun Life. 

We have received an overwhelming number of applications. There were over 173 applications, asking for over $4 million CAD in funds. We are encouraged by this enormous response from community organizations and all the initiatives put towards anti-racism efforts. These grassroots anti-racism iniatives so precisely align with the program objectives of the fund.

Below are the 2021 recipients of CRRF’s Community Mobilization Fund.  Congratulations to all of you and we look forward to your continued efforts in the fight for racial equality across Canada!


Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion

Website: https://hcci.ca/

Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter 

1. The Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion’s Online Hate project offers a user-friendly way to combat the urgent issue of hate and racism spread on social media platforms.  The project is a policy-driven project created by students through research done at McMaster University to mainly serve members of the Black Community and the 2SLGBTQIA+, and other racialized communities. The Online Hate project is also a collaborative effort among several community organizations.

Location: Hamilton, ON, National

Funding amount: $15,000

2. “The Anti-Hate Project” is a research-based project on anti-Black hate speech and hate crimes on university campuses to help inform public policies within Canadian post-secondary education institutions and beyond. This project will be in collaboration with the Black Law Students Association of Ottawa (BLSA), Black Medical Students Association of Ottawa (BMSA), and Muslim Medical Association of Canada – Ottawa Chapter (MMAO).

Location: Hamilton, ON, National

Funding amount: $14,300


Positive Change TO


Positive Change Toronto

Website: https://www.positivechangeto.com/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

The “Speak Out” project mobilizes and empowers Somali youth with tools to confront systemic injustices. This documentary film project will highlight the stories of Somali youth with particular emphasis on how they experience racism to increase community engagement, influence government policies, and bolster public awareness initiatives.

Location: Toronto, ON

Funding amount: $16,500


The Linc-Know Nonsense Anti Racism Podcast

The Know Nonsense Anti-Racism Podcast

Podcast link: Know Nonsense Anti-Racism Podcast

Social Media: Instagram  Twitter

The Know Nonsense Anti-Racism podcast explores the history, policies, and stereotypes that have led Canadians to their current awareness, or lack thereof, of racial justice and equity issues for people of colour. In addition, the Life in Colour project will tap into new media to educate people on systemic racism, going beyond classrooms and workplaces to amplify marginalized people’s voices and stories as an anti-racism resource.

Location: National

Funding Amount: $13,410


Logos - Prevention CDN-NDG

Prévention CDN-NDG

Website: https://preventioncdnndg.org/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

This project will be a series of workshops for Black youth in the targeted neighborhoods to raise their awareness of systemic racism and barriers they may face. This project will also incorporate upstream research to equip and inform youth in the targeted areas of their civil rights and responsibilities. The workshops will focus on identity issues as well as leadership and empowerment.

Location: Quebec

Funding Amount: $10,000


UQAM | Université du Québec à Montréal (@UQAM) | Twitter

l’Université de Québec à Montréal

Website: https://uqam.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

Since 2000, this project has organized hundreds of twinning sessions between immigrant students learning French from various backgrounds with other post-secondary students. These pairings help build bridges between individuals from the host communities and those from immigrant backgrounds, thus contributing to the fight against racism and xenophobia.  The podcast aspect of this project will concentrate on the ‘intercultural twinning’ in a series of pre-recorded downloadable episodes. Each episode will highlight a particular part or experience of participants in these encounters.

Location: Quebec

Funding Amount: $10,000


International Rwanda Youth for Development

Website: http://iryd.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Twitter

The “Diversity in Business Workshop Series Project” project educates and provides mentorship for Rwandan youth between 18-39 on business promotion, financial inclusion, and counter exclusion caused by anti-Black and systemic racism. The goal of these workshops is to mobilize young people and drive public policy by creating businesses in various sectors.

Location: Montreal & Gatineau, QC

Funding Amount: $20,000




Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter  YouTube

This interactive tour on anti-racism aims to promote diversity and inclusion in high schools located in Montreal. These workshops will utilize new tools and learning materials to fight against racism, raise awareness and promote diversity by mobilizing young people and educators.

Location: Montreal, QC

Funding Amount: $15,000


Black Lives Matter Canada

Black Lives Matter Canada

Website: https://www.blacklivesmatter.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

This Black-student-led initiative consisting of workshops and a website launch will mobilize community members, teachers, and the Francophone community through action-oriented workshops and lesson plans. All materials developed from the workshops will contribute to the creation of a bilingual website. This project will be a collaboration with BLM Fredericton. 

Location: Fredericton, NB

Funding Amount:  $8,250                


Job Opening: Executive Director – Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto  Chapter - Project PROTECH

Chinese Canadian National Council

Website: https://www.ccnctoronto.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

“Knowing our Histories & Building Capacity for Leadership and Interracial Solidarity Training Amongst Chinese Canadian Youth” mobilizes and equips Chinese Canadian youth for advocacy, anti-racism, and social justice work through training and relevant placements in various government settings and community organizations.

Location: Greater Toronto Area (GTA), ON

Funding Amount: $7,500


RISE Tribe | LinkedIn

Rise Tribe

Website: https://www.risetribe.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

The “RISE UP: Understanding the Impacts of Anti-Filipino in Canada” project caters to Filipino Canadians and combines community data and insight to understand and address systemic barriers.  It will also present research findings and recommendations to the community through a national symposium as well as developing an action plan.

Location: GTA & Hamilton, ON

Funding Amount: $10,000


Chinese Canadian National Council (@ccncsj) | Twitter

Chinese Candian National Council for Social Justice

Website: https://ccncsj.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

The “Community Responses to Online Anti-Asian Racist Attacks and Hate Speech” project targets Online anti-Asian racist attacks and hate speech. The project’s policy and advocacy-driven components will involve public awareness programs in the form of videos, policy development and government lobbying, and the development of an artificial intelligence tool to remove online hate.

Location: National

Funding Amount: $7,500


Racism and Systemic Racial Discrimination

The ACCT Foundation

Website: https://acctfoundation.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

The “Mobilizing the Chinese Canadian Community to Address Underrepresentation in Leadership of Public” project will mobilize the Chinese Canadian Community to address underrepresentation in leadership. An online summit will engage Chinese Canadians in identifying systemic leadership barriers and defining a clear actionable plan to increase representation and leadership. By addressing the barriers to social participation, institutions will ultimately better include diverse experiences, needs, perspectives, and solutions.

Location: Online

Funding Amount: $10,000



Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba

Website: https://www.asianheritagemanitoba.com/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

“Bridging Cultures to Reduce Systemic Racism” will combine Asian and Indigenous communities in two sharing circles to develop actions to overcome systemic racism in the government and Canadian society. In addition to mobilizing community members, this project will build bridges between two major cultural groups.

Location: MB & AB

Funding Amount: $6,250


Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Website: https://vaff.org/ 

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

The “Reclaim Your Name” project will foster the capacity of young Asian filmmakers and media artists to advocate for racial equity for their communities through intergenerational dialogues with established filmmakers and media artists and community conversations.  

Location: Vancouver, BC

Funding Amount: $10,000


NAJC (@najc_ca) | Twitter

National Association of Japanese Canadians – Toronto Chapter

Website: https://www.torontonajc.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

“Ours to Tell – Reclaiming our History” involves creating online directories for Japanese researchers and historical books on Japanese Canadians. This project will also incorporate workshops and a symposium on these historical books and discuss ethical research issues. Research gaps will be addressed through these directories and events and make policy recommendations for government funders.

Location: Toronto, ON & National

Funding Amount: $10,000


Pillar Nonprofit Network (@PillarNN) | Twitter

Pillar Nonprofit Network

Website: https://pillarnonprofit.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Twitter

“Reducing Systemic Barriers for Indigenous Youth and their Families” will curate workshops with the help of Indigenous youth to educate their network on understanding generational trauma in Indigenous communities. As a result of these workshops, a community action plan for settler-led organizations to make systemic and structural changes will be created.

Location: London, ON

Funding Amount: $10,000


Legal Cases Archives - BC Civil Liberties AssociationBC Civil Liberties  Association

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

Website: https://bccla.org/

Social Media: Facebook  Twitter

British Columbia Civil Liberties Association’s project, “Resistance through Education,” is an anti-racist, human rights public education project featuring a youth conference and a public legal education webinar series. These webinars will speak to how laws and policies continue to oppress and marginalize racialized communities. This project ultimately seeks to empower and mobilize youth and educators to advocate for Indigenous and Black communities.

Location: Vancouver, BC

Funding Amount: $10,000


Centre for Race and Culture | LinkedIn

Centre for Race and Culture

Website: https://cfrac.com/

Social Media: Facebook  Twitter

“âpahkowâyânawin: Educational Sessions on Indigenous Issues and Advocacy” is an educational series that raises awareness on systemic inequities and understanding the legacy of colonialism on Indigenous communities. The goal is to raise awareness and mobilize and invite the general public, community leaders, and policymakers to take action.

Location: Edmonton, AB (online)

Funding Amount: $10,000


MCoS | Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan « Multiculturalism is central  to the cultural, economic, social & political life of SK

Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan

Website: https://mcos.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

“Reconcile-Action,” will host workshops explicitly targeting the business community. The development of these workshops includes:

Creating workshop curricula

Making action plans for businesses and business leaders

A website to host educational materials and show the long-term impact

This project is supported by the Office of Treaty Commissioner and Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.

Location: Saskatchewan

Funding Amount: $16,965


Justice for Girls

Website: http://www.justiceforgirls.org/

Social Media: Facebook  Instagram  Twitter

“Building Organizational Capacity for Individual and Systemic Advocacy on Indigenous and Environmental Justice for Girls” promotes advocating for Indigenous and environmental justice for girls and women by collecting and analyzing the experiences and perspectives of 50 teen girls, including violence against Indigenous women and girls, into the creation of policy recommendations. Along with systemic advocacy and engaging research, this project also promotes the leadership of Indigenous women and girls through their lived experiences.

Location: BC, YK & AB

Funding Amount: $20,000


Anti-Racism Coalition of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARC-NL)

Social Media: Facebook

“ARC-NL Web Presence Community Project” will bolster a presence in a geographical area where very few anti-racism organizations exist. They will host events, work, and collect data is an essential foundation in raising visibility on issues related to systemic racism. One notable aspect is an online incident report form to collect data and support vulnerable and racialized communities. 

Location: St. John’s, NL

Funding Amount: $10,000

Dawson Creek called out by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network - Dawson Creek  Mirror

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Website: https://www.antihate.ca/

Social Media: Facebook  Twitter

“Increasing Capacity to Counter and Expose Hate Promoting Individuals” will further its reach on online hate speech by hiring journalists to write and promote stories on racism in various communities as well as promoting reports focusing on anti-Indigenous and Asian racism. In addition to educating the public and driving policy changes, this initiative will mobilize anti-hate practitioners in developing their expertise.

Location: National (Online)

Funding Amount: $6,000


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