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October 04, 2023

CRRF Welcomes Hon. Greg Fergus as New Speaker

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) welcomes the Honourable Greg Fergus as the new Speaker of the House of Commons and the first Black person to assume the Speakership in Canadian history.

“Speaker Fergus comes to this critical role with many years of solid experience, seniority and skills necessary for the job, and we wish him success in ensuring smooth parliamentary operations and a new chapter for all Canadians. At the same time, his election as Speaker marks a historic turning point for this country, and we celebrate the message that Black and racialized communities will take home – that Canadian leadership reflects, affects and is achievable for them,” said Mohammed Hashim, Executive Director of the CRRF.

Alongside his extensive background in broader Canadian politics, Speaker Fergus has also held the position of Chair of the Black Caucus in Parliament, whose advocacy has been essential in creating greater equity in government policy. CRRF is grateful for his support of our mandate and work, and looks forward to continuing to work with him and his office. 

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