May 01, 2020

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation celebrates National Jewish Heritage Month.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation Celebrates National Jewish Heritage Month

(May 1, 2020)   

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation proudly celebrates the 3rd annual National Jewish Heritage Month.

In 2018, Canada’s Parliament unanimously passed a bill proclaiming that throughout Canada, the month of May will be marked as “Canadian Jewish Heritage Month”, celebrating the inspirational role that Jewish Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across the country. From law, to politics, to culture, to sports, this important initiative celebrates the contributions Jewish Canadians have been making to this country for 250 years.

Jewish Canadians have made enormous contributions to the fabric of Canadian society, and regardless of their cultural background, all Canadians are rightly proud of the country we have built together. Understanding and appreciating the contribution different communities make to Canada brings us close together.

This type of initiative helps Canadians understand one another by allowing different communities and cultures to be showcased and celebrated. 

To mark Jewish Heritage Month, we encourage all Canadians to learn more about Jewish History, read books by a Jewish-Canadian author, or support a Jewish Organization.

To learn more, visit the Canadian Jewish Heritage Month website at

We hope this month leads to a newfound understanding and appreciation of Jewish Canadian culture.

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