February 08, 2023

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation partners with Uninterrupted Canada to foster and grow the Black Ice hockey documentary mission


 The creation of an online digital hub will empower BIPOC athletes and allies to learn about the contributions of diverse communities to hockey through original content and educational tools

TORONTO, ON (February 9, 2023) – The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) today announced a partnership with UNINTERRUPTED Canada, a subsidiary of The Good Karma Company, to create an online incubator for BIPOC athletes and allies to access resources promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in hockey, based on the award winning documentary, BLACK ICE.   

The hub serves to complement the film that recently won the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2022 People’s Choice Documentary Award. The documentary highlights the role of Black players in hockey’s past and the impacts of anti-Black racism on the game today. The documentary will be available on TSN, TSN.ca, the TSN app, and Crave, and is also available in French on RDS and Crave.

The Black Ice Digital Hub will serve as a central educational resource platform exploring the role of underrepresented communities in the development of the sport, igniting conversation and awareness from both a historical and present-day perspective.

“The contributions of racialized players to the development of hockey in Canada have been missing from our national story for far too long,” said Mohammed Hashim, CRRF’s Executive Director. “Building on the success of the film, this digital hub will provide a space for folks interested in carrying on the conversation, and looking to find inspiration, support and resources along the way.”

“The conceptualization and making of Black Ice has truly been a passion project,” said Vinay Virmani, Chief Content Officer, Uninterrupted Canada. “The opportunity to grow the films mission in partnership with the CRRF, provides us with the opportunity to educate and empower Canadians of all background that the game of hockey belongs to everyone.”

In addition, the CRRF will have access to the Canadian rights to the use of BLACK ICE for audience screenings across the country as part of the crown corporation’s mission to educate and empower Canadians in confronting racism. 

Upcoming public screenings will take place during Black History Month in:

The CRRF will support the production of additional content and digital features, including interview excerpts from the film’s participants, essays from community leaders, and cataloguing community events which support BIPOC+ athletes. 

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