February 06, 2020

Statement of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation on The Coronavirus

February 6th, 2020 – The Canadian Race Relations Foundation expresses its concern at the response from some Canadians to the appearance of the 2019-nCoV virus, commonly known as the Coronavirus.

We all care about the health of our families and friends, and in fact, of all Canadians. But we are also concerned that the Coronavirus is being styled in some quarters as a “Chinese disease” and that this is leading to shunning, bullying, and in some cases, to calls for quarantines beyond what Canadian health officials deem necessary.  In so doing, we are confusing  the ethnicity of Chinese-Canadians with the place of origin of the virus. This results in a growing negative perception of  Chinese Canadians in the work place, schools and market place.  

We do not think this is helpful.

This is not a question of sacrificing public health in the name of political correctness, rather, it is a matter of not giving into fear and not taking measures which serve no health-related purpose but only serve to demonize a community of fellow Canadians as dangerous.

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