Sobia Shaheen Shaikh


Dr. Sobia Shaheen Shaikh is a social work educator at Memorial University in St. John’s NL. Sobia is a community-engaged scholar and social policy analyst whose work focuses on supporting antiracist and social justice praxes. Her academic projects are varied, and her main research focus has been on developing activist-knowledge for anti-racist and feminist change in women’s and social justice organizations. Sobia recently co-edited a textbook called Critical Social Work Praxis (Fernwood Press). 

Sobia Shaheen is also an activist, mother, creative writer, and playwright who has deep ties with anti-racist, Indigenous, arts, women’s/gender diverse, queer, disability, youth/student, transformative and environmental justice communities across Canada. She serves as co-chair of the Anti-Racism Coalition NL, co-lead of the Addressing Islamophobia in NL project, and co-president of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women-NL. As well, Sobia is a founding member of The Quilted Collective of Racialized NL Writers and of The Creators’ Collective NL: Indigenous, Racialized and Migrant Artists and Arts Workers. 

Among other creative writing projects, her short stories are published in Us, Now: Stories from The Quilted Collective and Hard Ticket(Breakwater) and a short monologue produced for City of Stories (Artistic Fraud NL). 

Sobia Shaheen is enriched by fellow members of the Anti-Racism Coalition NL, The Quilted Collective, and activists and artists of diverse backgrounds.

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