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February 01, 2024

Celebrating Black history, making progress on commitments

Black History Month 2024

Every day is a day to celebrate Black history and advance Black futures in Canada.

Black History Month is an important moment to take stock of progress made on Canada’s commitments toward addressing anti-Black racism.

As part of the commitment to the UN International Decade for People of African Descent, the Government of Canada committed to creating a National Institute for People of African Descent. This institute would inform and influence policy and create Black-centric government programming, undertake applied research, engage with communities and improve outcomes for peoples of African descent in Canada. Calls for proposals to create this institute ended in October 2021, however the Government of Canada has still not adjudicated the call for proposals. As the International Decade for People of African Descent comes to a close, this is an important measure to ensure Canada’s commitments are met beyond the decade.  The CRRF is urging the Federal Government to adjudicate the call for proposals in the immediate near future. We are looking forward to the creation of the Institute, and to collaboration to address anti-Black racism in sustained and systemic ways in Canada.

In 2024, it is also crucially important to see an acceleration of progress on Canada’s Black Justice Strategy, as well as the introduction of legislation to ensure that the modernization of the Employment Equity Act is accomplished, with the inclusion of Black Canadians as a designated group, as has been promised.

On the ground and in community, this year, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) is excited to be co-organizing and supporting a wide variety of events and initiatives across Canada in honour of Black history month.

On February 15, the CRRF will be co-hosting Diverse Narratives – A Dialogue on Black Journalists in Canadian Media, a webinar exploring the impact, contributions and challenges faced by Black journalists in Canadian media, as well as strategies for enhancing diversity and inclusion in media. Panellists will include noted Black journalists from different outlets in Canada.

This year, the CRRF is also thrilled to be supporting over 30 Black History – and Black Futures – Month events across Canada through our National Anti-Racism Fund (NARF) grants. Be sure to check this list to find an event in your area!

In addition, the CRRF is excited to support the following events in commemoration of Black History Month:

Finally, the CRRF looks forward to participating in a panel discussion on Enduring and Thriving despite Adversity – Race in Canada with the Black Business and Professional Association on February 16, 2024.

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