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June 10, 2024

CRRF welcomes new federal anti-racism strategy 

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) welcomes the announcement of “Changing Systems, Transforming Lives: Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy 2024-2028.”  

This action-oriented framework for change builds on an earlier iteration and is informed by substantial community input. With an investment of $110.4 million aimed at driving action in employment, justice and law enforcement, housing, healthcare and immigration systems, it takes a whole-of government approach, including over 70 federal initiatives to eliminate systemic racism and create diverse and inclusive communities.  

Our work regularly reveals the extent to which racism is still deeply entrenched in Canada. The communities we support and with whom we collaborate across the country experience it firsthand in all its forms, from violent acts of hate to more insidious, daily systemic inequities. A community-informed federal strategy to transform this reality, with concrete actions and accountability mechanisms, is a strong and long-awaited push in the right direction.

Mohammed Hashim, CEO, CRRF 

The Strategy’s priority areas include: 

  • Promoting economic, social, and cultural empowerment; 
  • Advancing racial equity in immigration, health, and housing systems;
  • Driving justice, law enforcement, intelligence, and public safety systems reform; and
  • Using international engagement to inform advancement on racial equity and inclusion at home. 

The CRRF affirms the need for all four of these priorities to be tackled across the government. We also recognize the need for impacted communities to lead change, which is why our National Antiracism Fund (NARF) supports the first two priorities through by supporting, enabling and convening community groups and organizations to carry out their own work to combat racism and create opportunities for meaningful dialogue, learning and sharing with the broader public. Additionally, the core of the CRRF’s commitment through the Strategy is to drive public policy change in the fields of justice, law enforcement, intelligence, and public safety systems reform, an area in which we have made significant strides, and will continue to be an accelerator of transformative change. 

We congratulate our colleagues at the federal Anti-Racism Secretariat and the Department of Canadian Heritage for this important milestone, and we look forward to working with the federal government and other partners to make this vision a reality and create a future in Canada where everyone is treated equitably with dignity, respect, and opportunity. 

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