The Healthcare Divide

Universal healthcare is supposed to mean that everyone gets equitable access, treatment and care. But do we really?

The Healthcare Divide is a new podcast that exposes uncomfortable truths, troubling realities and innovative efforts to overcome systemic racism in Canada’s healthcare system.

Welcome to The Healthcare Divide.

In our new podcast, patients, healthcare workers and medical experts weigh in on everything from experiences of harm to grassroots care movements, policy change, and explorations of artificial intelligence to bridge the divide with real stories, data-driven insights, and expert interviews that expose the cracks in the system.

It’s like mythbusters but for healthcare – The Healthcare Divide takes an unflinching look at who gets left out in Canada’s “universal” quest for wellness, and what is being done to build a healthier, fairer future for all.

Named Maclean’s top Health Care Innovator of 2023, Dr. Alika Lafontaine has been at the epicentre of healthcare system change for almost two decades. He is the first Indigenous physician and the youngest doctor to lead the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) in its 156-year history, and the first Indigenous physician to be listed on The Medical Post’s 50 Most Powerful Doctors.

The Health Care Divide is brought to you by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with support from Pfizer Canada and produced by Antica Productions and Makwa Creative.

Episode 1 – Deadly Assumptions

A look into the practice of ‘race corrections’ and anti-Black racism in Canadian medical practice.

Learn more about the episode and its guests.

Episode 2 – The Digital Therapist

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of using AI to improve access to mental health care.

Learn more about the episode and its guests.

Episode 3 – The Inuit Battle Against TB

Discussing the historical and continued effects of tuberculosis on Inuit.

Learn more about the episode and its guests.

Episode 4 – Uninsured: How Universal is Canada’s Healthcare System?

Examining the unique challenges faced by migrants without insurance in the Canadian healthcare system.

Learn more about the episode and its guests.

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